Gaurav Kuwar

I’m a Masters student at NYU majoring in Computer Engineering.

Featured Projects

Automated file decryption in AWS with Python

Designed and implemented an AWS Lambda function in Python to automate the decryption of incoming files from an S3 source bucket with GPG, followed by uploading the decrypted files to a destination bucket.

Multi-Layer Neural Network from Scratch 

Designed and implemented a custom Multi-Layer Neural Network using Python and NumPy, demonstrating proficiency in implementing neural network architectures from scratch, achieving an accuracy of 97.05%

Smart Home Automation Device with Alexa Integration

Built and programmed an IoT device that transmits IR codes to control non-smart appliances (AC, TV, etc.) with Amazon Alexa.

Course Schedule Database System

Designed and developed a Course Schedule Relational Database, and Python functions to populate, query, update,
insert and delete records for the Database Systems course at City College of New York.