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  • Getting Started with Selenium in Python

    Selenium is a Python module used to simulate the use of a web browser with Selenium Webdriver. Basically it allows you to program moving around the web browser, clicking certain things and filling out authentication or forms. You can use Selenium with Firefox, PhantomJS, Chrome, Safari and Microsoft’s Edge, the ones I used the most […]

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  • Learning Linux: Bash Command-Line Processing and Input/Output

    These notes cover I/O Redirectors, File Descriptors, echo options, printf and read commands, command blocks, Command-Line Processing, how quoting works in bash and the command, builtin, enable and eval commands. I/O Redirectors The I/O Redirectors are >, <, >>, << and |. These are the ones that are most used, the many others are for system programmers. […]

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  • Extracting Files from Raw Email with Python

    This project was my very first major python project. The first version of this project was just me trying to reinvent the wheel, like any amateur ignorant of the programming world. I was trying hard to separate the parts of a raw email file with no modules. When I was introduced to the modules, I was […]

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